The Fantasy World of
Isabel Baillen
NaÔve and Folk Artist


Renowned worldwide for her naÔve art, Isabel Baillen's prints present a whimsical world filled with crowds of people living in a fantasy vision of happiness and color. Each print comprises countless detail, such as balloons, trees replete with ornaments and animals, or hidden whimsical messages.

4th of July by Isabel Baillen
Fourth of July

Isabel Baillen was born in Paris, France. As a twin daughter of two professionals, her father a businessman and her mother a psychoanalyst, Isabel began by studying law and languages at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

However, her love of painting, which had been strong even as a young child, drew her away from her academics to the Art Institute in Paris. Soon she left her Parisian dwellings and family to concentrate on her painting in the South of France and later in Spain under the tutelage of the famous Spanish artist, Antonio Rivera. This is where she really developed her particular kind of art .

Isabel left Europe for the United States twenty years ago and continued to refine her art style, living happily with her husband and daughter.

She has proved a popular artist with American, European and Asian buyers. Her paintings have been the feature of many art gallery shows worldwide, her most recent in the United States and Paris, France (see exhibitions).

Isabelís paintings are expressions of happiness, where charm and fantasy are a dream world to be shared by adults and children alike.

Isabel returned to Paris last year to continue to practice her art and to be with her family.



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